With everything moving online, corporate meeting planning can play an even bigger role than expected. By having a set team of technicians, planners, and IT specialists, any corporate meeting, conference, or event can happen with a click of a button. These teams ensure that any of these meetings are planned and can run as smoothly as possible.

Meeting planning services are there to ensure that the conference is on time, has the correct itinerary, follows a set structure, and provides all the attendees with the necessary information on every meeting or event. 

By using event planning services the company can save time, and money by allowing the meeting planners to run with organizing, and scheduling guest speakers, venues, and agendas that are set to happen at this corporate event or conference.

These service teams take the weight off the employees and allow them to focus on more pressing and important tasks.

What Are Meeting Planning Services?

These corporate professionals set out to ensure that everything is correct for the meeting. From planning the agenda, providing the correct venue, and assuring that every individual needed is there.

These corporate meeting planners will run the entire meeting from start to finish. This includes planning the itinerary, the agenda, and other tasks such as informing the correct attendees of the time and location of these meetings.

There are various event planning services out there. The primary two includes formal and informal meeting planners.

Formal planners focus on bigger corporate events and conferences. These individuals or groups can also plan functions that are held by the top management of a corporation which can include virtual meetings. 

Informal planners are those that focus on smaller events or meetings with no set agenda or specific speakers. These informal events will also happen in one location and the planning of these meetings is far less than a formal meeting. 

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What Are The Inclusions Of Meeting Planning Service?

The inclusions differ from the company and the type of event at hand. Tasks such as discovering the true objective, planning and bringing the objective to life, and creating the event on a budget. These services also include communicating with the necessary participants and speakers to ensure that they know the agenda as well as where this conference or event will be happening. 

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Benefits of Meeting Planning Service

There are multiple benefits to using a national sales meeting planning service. The main benefit is that these organizations know the ropes around planning and setting up different types of meetings. They have all the connections and knowledge to set the stage for an unforgettable and all-important event or conference.

They will ensure that the correct branding is used so that all can associate with the company hosting the event. This will add to the marketing of any company which could lead to more sales. Companies can set the budget and these services will guide and create it accordingly. 

When Should You Get A Meeting Planning Service?

The best time to get a meeting planning service or agent would be as soon as the idea for a meeting or event starts. This will allow the organization to add more value through their knowledge of how things can be done.

Better late than never is another option. If your team started planning the event without a meeting planning organization, you can just connect the meeting organization to your planning and see them take over and solve all the nitty gritty tasks that most individuals dread.

How Can Conference Source Provide Your Corporate Meeting Planning Solutions?

Conference Source can help solve corporate planning by setting up a well-planned itinerary for what needs to be addressed, and what solving those problems will lead to. 

The organization can also set a budget to assist the planners with what type of event or conference to plan as well as which speakers to get. 

The client needs to bring all the ideas to the table of what and how they want the conference to touch on so that the planning services can jump in and bring this to life.

List of Top National Sales Meeting Planning Companies

Here is a list of the top ten corporate event planning companies:

1. Conference Source (Corporate Sales Meeting Planner)

Location: Denver, Colorado

Services: Investigator Meetings,Incentive Programs,Sales Kickoffs,Team Building, Product Launches

2. Event Solutions 

Location: Santa Monica, California

Services: Event production, event management, and destination management.

3. JR Global Events

Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Group tours and activities, speaker management, and offsite events, among others.

4. Evolve activation

Location: Sun Valley, California

Services: Event budget development, on-site event management, and staffing options.

5. Luxe Fete

Location: Miami, Florida

Services: Corporate event planning, and design for events.

6. MGM resorts 

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

Services: Event management services, staffing capabilities, and full-service event planning.

7.AJ Williams Events 

Location: Boston, Massachusetts

Services: Virtual events, fundraising, event design, and event entertainment.

8. Rafanelli Events

Location: Boston, Massachusetts, and New York, New York

Services: Start-to-finish event planning, event marketing, and branding, as well as branding consultancy.

9. Absolute Production Service 

Location: Chicago, Illinois

Services: Event planning, production management, and A/V installation for secure sound systems.

10. Sequence Events 

Location: New York, New York

Services: Event planning, event strategy, venue sourcing, and event management.

How To Choose The Best Company For Meeting Planning Service?

With the online era in full force, companies have more options than ever. They can have a meeting management organization to do their planning and set up from across the world. This leaves any organization with options.

Choosing the right company to plan and lead your corporate event or national sales meeting will come down to some fundamental values and aspects. Communication will be the main focus. Can the meeting organization listen and bring your ideas to life? With a clear vision and idea of the conference, the main focus will be to transition from ideas to reality and choosing a company that connects these two will be key. 

Another focus point will be the personalities of both teams. Both organizations will need to focus on bringing the most suited personalities to the table. Problems that come to the surface should be surrounding the event and not because of two individuals struggling to work together. 

Meeting Planning Service: FAQs

What Does A Meeting Planner Do?

These professionals take pride in planning and setting the table for big events and conferences. These planners take meetings, events, and conferences and plan, schedule, and organize every part of it. 

What are the Different Types of Meeting Planners?

We have informal and formal meeting planners. The formal planners focus on big events or corporate meetings with different locations, speakers, and a set agenda throughout the meeting days. Informal planners set up smaller meetings with no or small agenda where people can speak freely and they usually happen at one location.

Conference Event Planning: Final Thoughts

Meeting planning services can play a crucial role in problem-solving and other important parts of the business. 

By solely focusing on the structure and surrounding aspects of the meeting and events, they can ensure direct access to the point of the meetings without adding extra stress or distractions that can make meetings longer than expected.

They will create a foolproof event that will leave all the participating partners on the right path, with insights into where the company wants to go and what solutions to focus on. 

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