Sales are the backbone of any industry. Companies will only have the necessary finances to pay for staff and expenses with sales. Training your sales team is of utmost importance. Sales training includes a wide range of improvement points, including cold-calling skills.

What is called planning in the pharma industry? Time spent with the customer is crucial for any business. Calling customers allows the team to communicate and receive feedback from the customers and clients, enabling the team to find problem areas to improve. Planning ahead of these calls is critical. Call planning allows the sales team to plan and create an entire call that will be used during every pharma call. 

This is preparing and planning for every call the sales team will make. The call planning includes everything from practicing the lines and refining the topic to the response the sales reps will provide with their limited time.

What Are The Benefits of Call Planning in the Pharma Industry

Planning occurs in every sphere of the pharma industry, from event planning to sales call planning. Companies have argued that calling should be as natural as possible. This led to multiple challenges and a need for more seizing the opportunity for sales reps.

The number one benefit of planning your call is that it gives every sales rep confidence. A confident sales rep will use the call to draw the customer into the company. The agent can plan their strategy to ensure they have the correct data and tone to attract the specific customer.

A confident sales rep can communicate clearly and deal with whatever the customer or client brings to the phone. The lack of confidence can prevent agents from closing the deal or overcomplicating the call, leading to losing a customer.

Pre-call planning will allow the team to strategize and discuss relevant topics that will be discussed during the call. This will provide the sales team with all the information, enabling them to answer all possible questions the buyer might bring to the conversation.

Excellent pre-call planning will give the sales employees valuable knowledge of the company and information on the buyer. There might be some unexpected questions from the customer’s side. The preparation, however, will assist the sales member with the necessary detail on the customer to provide them with a custom answer based on their needs and the pharmaceutical company product that will fit them.

How To Perform Call Planning In Pharma

Preparation time set the foundation for the actual call. If there is no preparation, the sales member creates a broad range of topics to come their way. A few key planning factors will provide the members with clear guidelines which will place them in control of the entire call.

Know Your Prospect

Understanding the prospect is one of the most underrated planning tasks in the pharm industry. Not all prospects are the same and will differ in many ways. Sales reps must study their potential client as profoundly as possible.

This will allow the sales rep to prepare potential questions and problems the prospects will have. The sales rep will know what type of products and services to suggest to the prospect due to the in-depth research and planning they completed.

The sales rep will use the pre-planning call to ensure that they have all the relevant information and detail that will provide that the call leads to a sale. The prospect will have the final say; thus, using the research to find the best strategy to approach the client will ensure that the sales rep has some leverage throughout the call.

Analyze the Prospect’s Competitor

False claims and statements will not be of any benefit to the prospect or the sales rep. Our product is cheaper or adds more benefits without research, damaging the company brand. Sales reps must double-check all their facts before calling any client.

The sales reps are not only trying to convince a client of the benefits and necessity of their products; more, however, these employees are fighting against competitors that the prospect is currently using.

Analyzing the competitors will allow the sales rep to evaluate their weaknesses and problems that could occur. Employees can use this to ensure that their products and services are better and would have more benefits and perks connected to them.

It is of utmost importance that all the detail and information shared by the rep on competitors are highly accurate and achievable. False claims will damage the company name.

Know Your Call Objective

A call without an objective will lead to an aimless conversation that wastes the sales reps and the consumer’s time. Not all calls have the same goal; thus, creating set plans and objectives per call will increase the success rate of the calls the employees make.

Sales reps must continuously change their objectives to ensure a successful sales call. These adjustments and changes will allow them to set an achievable goal to provide a happy customer and a successful call.

Objectiveness calls will lead to pointless conversations that will result in a decline from the consumer. The rep will waste their time and energy due to needing a call goal or objective.

Plan Questions Ahead Expect Objections

Questions are a method that many use to ensure that they understand the information being shared. These questions allow whoever asks them to obtain a holistic view by understanding the topic or announcement.

Sales members must obtain frequently asked questions from other sales reps or managers to ensure that they have the answer to these frequent questions. This will allow the sales member to be ready with the best information and answer that will influence the client on the line.

The sales rep must be prepared for every question under the sun. This can be done by asking other sales reps what type of questions they receive or by placing themselves in the buyer’s shoes to find the questions they would ask if they were on the other line.

Sales reps must ensure they understand the question to enable them to answer with the most relevant information and detail. This will give the consumer the data that might influence them to purchase the product or service the rep is selling.

Never Over Prepare

Preparation is a great tool to ensure employees are educated, informed, and ready for prospective questions and opinions. There is, however, a problem that can surface when an employee needs to prepare more.

Over-preparation can lead to employees needing to comply more with the sales call. This will produce overconfident and too quick-to-answer employees that will irritate the buyer. Employees that spend all of their time preparing can lead to them fearing the actual call.

There are too many variables to take into consideration. Thus preparing questions, comparing the competitors, and scoping the target buyer will leave the employee with all the tools they need to secure the sale through the goal.

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Ways To Make Your Pharma Sales Calls Effective

Certain factors will ensure that sales reps have efficient and successful sales calls. These factors will give the sales rep the foundation to communicate effectively, efficiently, and acceptably.

The focus point should be to assist the customer. Empower them by explaining the benefits and perks of the products or services. The call should focus on solving the problems that they face.

Creating an agenda and talking points for the entire meeting is crucial. This will provide the sales rep with clear guidelines and action points that will enable the call to last longer and be more effective. The sales rep must be positive and friendly. This can be achieved by walking around instead of sitting at a desk.

Simplifying all options to ensure the customer understands is critical. This can be done by explaining the concepts rather than the company’s model. Included should be the solutions and the values the product or service will solve for the customer.

Sales managers must ensure that the entire project is sustainable and effective. They can schedule regular meetings in which they will explain the roles and the impact the sales team will have. A solid commercial operations team will set the foundation for the entire team.

Focusing on the customer at all times is the critical point in a sales call. The call will not be effective if there is no customer or prospect. Thus, always emphasize any benefits and values they will receive from the call.


How To Create a Call Plan

A few key factors must be included in any drug-pre-call planning. The sales rep must obtain as much information on the prospective buyer as possible. After that, researching competitors will ensure the sales rep is ready for counterarguments. Set goals and objectives and write a list of potential questions that the prospect might ask. Keep the call friendly and anticipate any objections to the pitch. Lastly, keep the resources close and enjoy the entire call with the prospect.

What are pre-call objectives for medical sales?

Some pre-call objectives are to evaluate and understand the prospect. Another objective is to identify critical questions the prospect might ask, ensuring the sales rep is ready for what comes their way. Lastly, the rep must locate and research the competitors the prospectus might use.

Final Thoughts

Pre-call planning tips ensure the sales reps are prepared and ready for an effective and successful sales call. These planning sessions will add more accuracy to the shared information. During the planning process, the sales rep must enable them to communicate clearly and answer all questions honestly and with accurate information.

Sales call planning will enable the entire pharma team to increase sales and efficiency of the company. The whole team will have the opportunity to share their drug with the world, which will assist and solve problems that their target market face.

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