A strong team will benefit not only the manager but the company as a whole. This is what many need to remember. To have a strong company, the individuals within the business must work together to achieve and reach set goals.

There are many ways of creating and building a solid team. With the development and growth of technology, virtual teams have become the norm. Team-building exercises such as online games for remote team meetings or scheduling an appointment where all virtual members can join physically are excellent. The key, however, is to ensure that the team engages and everyone brings their strength to the meeting.

Many will argue that team meetings will only waste time and that these meetings have little to no upside. This, however, is not true at all. Companies can only thrive if there are strong teams within. The focus should instead be on the benefits and ways to incorporate these meetings for virtual teams rather than if needed.

What are the Benefits of Planned Virtual Team Meetings

There are many benefits connected to virtual team meetings. However, the focus should be placed on the benefits of virtual team-building meetings. The focus changes from a typical sit-down session to an opportunity to build and strengthen the team through a virtual platform.

The first benefit of a planned virtual team event is that it will boost team morale and productivity. The team will produce higher quality work when these individuals feel safe and secure. There are many methods of creating a safe space for the employees, and these activities will provide the team with a clear indication that the team is valued and needed within the company. A strong team morale will ensure the team members belong in this company.

A big problem among virtual team members is the need for more teamwork. Many team members have never seen or spoken to the other team members. The virtual meeting will allow individuals to connect a face to a name. These meetings will enable the team to experience different personalities, which will build personal connections among each other.

Improve innovation and creativity within the team through the use of virtual meetings. The managers can communicate their desire for innovative and creative work. When members share through various platforms, the tone and idea of the communication could be clearer. Using this to communicate the desire for innovation and creativity can significantly benefit.

Clear communication and a positive workforce are other benefits of these team-building meetings. The company can use this time to communicate its values, principles, and desires to every team member. This will enhance the company culture and build a relationship between all members, growing the culture in the desired direction. This can be done by incentive travel or online team-building meetings.

How To Build Camaraderie in Virtual Teams

Building camaraderie in a team will take time. The individuals within the team must learn to trust, communicate and learn about the other team members. The key to a strong team is linked to members’ ability to chat with one another. The company must create a platform where they can enjoy each other’s personalities and communicate as if they were in the same office.

The first method to building camaraderie in virtual teams is to allow them to chit-chat. The managers and leaders must provide open time before and after the meeting to connect and chat with one another, enabling them to build connections with the entire team.

Creating group chats is an excellent method for individuals to talk throughout the day. Many members will only communicate through the online work platform, which can create an isolated and lonely feeling. The team can create a WhatsApp group chat to share and bond regularly.

The company can create contests with amazing prizes. This will generate a bit of workplace competition, leading to more camaraderie among the members. The aim is to provide the winner with a price that every team member would want. Some use corporate incentive trips for individuals or teams to entice teamwork and team building.

The last action step that the company can use is a virtual break room. This will provide the team with a place to relax and have the same function as a break room within an office. Employees can join the virtual break room whenever they want to have their lunch, take a break, or chat by the water cooler.

Engaging Team Building Activities and Games for Remote Teams

Creating games for engaging team-building activities is an excellent method of building a stronger team. Online employees can become lost on the internet due to the need for more group interaction and communication. The games will allow the team to connect, communicate and relax with other employees. The wide variety of virtual team-building games will bring some entertainment to the video chats. These game days can be used weekly or quarterly to ensure the team builds strong relationships.


Pictionary is a fun game that the entire team can play. The individuals will all have the opportunity to build a strong team. The whole team must be present to ensure this game can have the desired impact. There will be cards with one word on them for all teams.

The entire team will divide into groups of two. One of the two will pick a card and draw what is on the card to ensure that the other individual can identify the drawing. The team with the most points will win the game.

This game will allow the team to enjoy a fun game and identify how certain players are in high-stress situations. The team will laugh and chat between rounds, which will be a great bonding experience.

Time Traveler

The game will provide each member with some time off where and when they would travel if they had the opportunity. The individual must state where they want to go, what time, and why this location was chosen. A fun game that can be used as an icebreaker before a meeting.

Virtual Scavenger Hunt

A virtual scavenger hunt is a game where individuals or teams must find clues or objectives within a specific time frame to complete the challenge. The focus is to build creative thinking and team bonding while the teams look for these items.

There are many scavenger hunt ideas on the internet, and companies can modify or create their own to ensure that it fits their team. The hunt can be focused on work-related platforms or a fun game to ensure the team can learn and grow together.


This game is a fun and interactive game that the entire team will enjoy. It is a game where individuals will draw a specific picture based on a card they have drawn, and the individual who can guess the drawing wins the point.

This game will take a few minutes to set up but can be enjoyed by the entire team from anywhere in the world. There are private rooms that will provide the team with privacy that will only allow the team members to enter.

Check Out 5 More of our Best Games For Remote Work Teams:

Paper Telephone

This game will improve the communication of the team. The focus here is to allow players to draw a phrase provided to them. After that, another player can guess the phrase from the previous player’s drawing. After that player fails to identify the phrase, the next player can attempt to find the phrase. The entire team must do this. The last individual must display their picture and state what they think the phrase might be.


This game will be a fun and exciting exercise for the team. There can be more than two members per team. The team must identify one individual that will do all the communication. The game will provide the individual with clues and signs which must be communicated to the rest of the team. The first team to identify the phrase through the clues will win.

Dominion Online

This remote team-building activity is used in a virtual environment, and the aim of the game is to create the perfect stacked cards before the other team. The team leader will be given a set of cards that must be traded and swapped until the ideal deck is created. 


A quiz is a fun and interactive way for the team to learn about each other. The quiz can be random facts about the team’s individuals, which the rest must guess. These questions can be about high school achievements, hobbies, or any other exciting part of the individual’s life. The team will learn more about each other through every question.

Would You Rather?

This game aims to determine what some individuals will do within the team. The phrase is Would you rather? The team can ask questions after the phrase to identify what the person in question would do. This fun game will allow the team to explore the individuals within the team’s character and personality.

This or That

This or that will provide the team or individuals with two options. The team can choose the “this” in the scenario or prefer to go with the “that.” This is another game that will provide the team with individual characteristics, choices, and hobbies. This great game can loosen up the team before a meeting.

Virtual Escape Room

There are many options on the internet for virtual escape rooms. This is a great game that will allow the entire team to participate. The game aims to work together to find a way out of a room. These games have themes that will differ from each escape room. The team will work on solving a string of problems to find their way out of the virtual space.

Two Truths and a Lie

Every team member can provide the rest of the team with two actual factors and a third fact, a lie. The rest of the team will have to guess which of the newly heard points is true and which is a lie. This will allow the team to get to know each other more personally.


This is a guess the word game. Each member can crack at the potential word on the screen. There will be clues that will provide the team with guidelines on what the word might be. The first member to guess the word wins a point.

Virtual Team Charades

This classic game that many enjoy will not be available for virtual teams. The entire team can split up into groups of two. And while one acts out a show, series, or person, the other must try and guess what it is. This game has been adjusted, and teams can now enjoy it virtually.

Guess My Fridge

This is a game focused on guessing. It is entertaining to guess what the team members have within their fridges. The fun here is that every team member will have an opportunity to think and answer the questions coming from the team members. The correct answer will win a point in the virtual game. 

Guess Who

Guess who is probably the best method of connecting the teammates. The virtual meeting leader can obtain facts and information on every staff member. Then ask the team to put the fact next to the face, and the team will learn exciting facts about one another.

Misheard lyrics

Misheard lyrics focus on giving every team member time to think of some mishear lyrics. One by one, each member will state what the misheard lyrics were, accompanied by the actual lyrics. This is a fun game that will make the entire team laugh.

Tongue Twisters

A tongue twister is another game that will make the team laugh. The aim is to focus on pronouncing specific sentences, and these sentences are complicated and will lead many of the members astray. A fun activity to start a meeting with.


How Can You Make A Remote Team Meeting Enjoyable?

The focus should be to connect every team member to the meeting. This can be done by playing introduction games such as time traveler or tongue twisters. The team will be comfortable and will engage throughout the session. Virtual team-building activities will be quick games like trivia games or fun challenges to create an enjoyable environment. 

How Do You Maintain A Happy Remote Team?

Building productivity and a healthy company culture for remote teams can be difficult. The aim should be to use virtual events to create a culture. These meetings can be opened with fun games that will teach others about the individuals within the team. Employees can use the available breakout room 24/7 to create a relaxed environment.

What App/Device Do You Use For Remote Meetings?

Multiple platforms can be used. Many will access these platforms through work laptops and mobile devices. Companies can use event planners or coordinators to create the platform needed for these events. 

Final Thoughts

Building a solid team online is a tough job. The team will hardly speak to one another, and online meetings can feel forced. Companies should create meeting rooms where individuals can mingle and chat about the work or a break room where they can relax.

By adding games to the online meetings, the team can focus on building strong relationships that will last throughout their career. The managers and leaders of the company can only grow through a strong team; thus, spending the time and energy to create this culture is paramount.

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